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Privacy Policy

We don’t value your data, it’s nothing we want. Keep your data for you. Let’s be honest, we need a few things to run our website though.

Static Site Hosting

The website you are looking at is hosted on Netlify. They provide storage on their servers where we can upload the files needed to show you this site.

Our website is static, there is no actual code running on the server to put together this website dynamically. It’s a bunch of text files and a few images, or to be more precise, a bunch of HTML and CSS files which have nothing but the content, the layout and the required assets, for example images.

We use Netlify, because they offer a Content Delivery Network, a CDN. They store a copy of this website on many servers around the world, so—no matter where you are—the website is delivered fast.

Netlify does have access to your HTTP request, the website request that is needed to see this website or any other website. This request has your IP address and a user agent, a string with the name of your browser and the version you are using.

Our Self-Hosted Mailing List

The most sensible thing you can give us is your email address. We decided to not use a 3rd party service to store the email addresses of our users. In case you fill out our “Request Early Access” mailing list subscription form, your email address is sent to https://mailing.ueberdosis.io. This is a subdomain of our company website and routes to a bare metal server in a German data center. We rent this server from Hetzner Online GmbH. We control and manage the server, Hetzner does not. To store your email address, create new mailings and schedule the sending we use the self-hosted software Mailcoach instead of a 3rd party service.

Sending out emails to hundreds or thousands of addresses at once is not an easy thing to do. We need to use a 3rd party service for that. We decided to use Mailgun and opted-in to use their data center in the EU. Every message you’ll receive from the mailing list is delivered through their API to Mailgun and they create the actual email and send it to your inbox.


We don’t have anything to hide. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email to support@matter.md. Your questions help us to make our processes transparent.